Getting Ready – Its a lot of Fun

When we signed up for the trek of Valley Of Flowers towards the end of July in March this year, we had no idea the preparations would be so much fun (well we are yet to trek the VOF so hopefully it will be betterJ).

After the early days of getting to walk, stretch and other basics covered, we started to plan for week end events in preparations with the default being walk around Lalbhag twice and a nice breakfast later.

One such event was a trek of Nandi Hills, the first Sunday in July. It was an early start from home in South Bangalore as we drove to the foothills of Nandi, picking up friends en route, via Kumarakrupa and the KIA. We arrived at the foot hills and waited for the 6 others to join us, managing to finish a breakfast before the event as well. Once the others joined in (and finished their pre breakfasts as well), we all started our ascent of the mighty Nandi.IMG_1245

It was a beautiful day with the clouds trying to escape the hill’s stranglehold. The sight across multiple peaks was breathtaking. It was encouraging to see a lot of enthusiastic runners going up and down the hills and it looked like we were the only trekking group on the roads that day. Soon we found out why. Vehicular traffic in either direction was very heavy and the whole idea of trying to trek in a location away from the city hoping for clean air was defeated. Added to the air pollution was the noise and I must admit, getting here on a Sunday in hindsight was a bad idea. Not sure how it would be other days either ofcourse. Also, there might be another route via foot that may not be all along the road. Worth checking out that option the next time.

The trek itself was not very difficult or long (compared to what we are preparing for). The climb of about 500 feet over 7.5 KM of distance too is not much. Many of us could manage about 13/14 min a KM speed on ascent.NandiWalk

It was another jostling of sorts once you got up to the top for tickets to get in, with long queue for the same. The view from the Tipu drop and other places were pretty good, considering the weather and the fact that it was all cloudy and rained very little made it much less sweaty.

IMG_1260Mobile network though is a different issue altogether. Since each of us made it up at different speeds, getting together after the climb was a challenge with very little mobile coverage.

We could all get together after 30 min of frantic search and spent some time taking pictures of us, scenery etc.IMG_1259

Although the idea was to make it back too on foot, many wanted to return earlier so we managed to get down by autos although the seating in the rickshaw was a challenge.IMG_1261

Another sumptuous breakfast later, we drove back and were home in time for Lunch:)

It was good fun, checking out the new equipment – backpacks, shoes, trekking poles, rain cover etc.

The next one is planned to be in the western ghats – towards waterfalls in leech infested forests. Stay tuned for that one.

With these treks, hope we are prepared for the big one in the Himalayas – more on that one once we return early August.

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