The Pillion’s Diary

Yes, we have all heard it, haven’t we?

How great the ride was…. How one feels “One with the road”….. How riding a bike on a well tarred road in the cool wind is one of the best experiences one can have….

But, hey! What about the poor souls who haven’t mastered the art of balancing these heavy, noisy but impressive pieces of machinery?

Is the experience as good or exciting/peaceful for them? What are life lessons we can learn?

In order to find out, I took upon myself the brave task of riding a 2005 model Royal Enfield Thunderbird from Bangalore to Chennai (& back) on the pillion seat!

​The Trusty Ol’ ThunderbirdThunderbird

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you… The Pillion’s Diary!

Lesson/Learning number 1: Know your stakeholders
Do not for whatsoever reason, ever tell your parents that you are about to attempt something as stupid as that.

If I were to explain to you using corporate jargons, parents are stakeholders for whom the risk is more visible than the return on investment, inevitably leading them to:

a> Advise against
b> Not invest in

Anything even as remotely risky as bike trips. So if you are looking for buy-ins from them… You are looking in the wrong place.

Lesson/Learning number 2: Know your co-workers

Do not for whatsoever reason, ever choose a rider who is taller or larger than you. Why you shouldn’t choose a rider who is taller than you…

Pillion1Let me explain with the help these illustrationsPillion2

Yes, if you haven’t figured it out already… Taller riders block your view. This greatly dampens the “One with the road” experience…

Also, there is the added disadvantage of having their helmet showing in all your pictures.

Why you shouldn’t choose a rider who is larger than you…Well, let’s just say, larger riders aren’t too great for your nether-regions to stay un-chaffed….

Lesson/Learning number 3: Manage your expectations

This is what movies led you to believing, into thinking conversations during bikes rides will be like….


This is what reality looks like…CantHear






Lesson/Learning number 4: Make wise investments

This learning is especially important for people as ignorant about skin care products as I am….

All face creams are sunscreens……Enough said.

Fun fact number 1: How to feel like ‘Goku!’

Ever wondered how it would feel like to do this?

Well, just try doing this when a bike is doing more than 100km/hour and you’ll get a pretty good idea…

UntitledDisclaimer: The above stunt was performed by highly curious and unqualified experts at their own risk. Please don’t try this at home.

Fun fact number 2:

It costs more to bike from Electronic city to Tumkur road than from Bangalore to Chennai!

The toll price in the former is Rs.60 for two-wheelers, while in the latter its 0.

Bikes are not charged toll on the National Highway between Bangalore and Chennai!

And in the end…Despite the aches, the tans, the itch below the helmet etc… Bike rides are simply the best way to travel!

SunsetWhat makes it special particularly are the tiny stops one has to make during the ride in order to rest…

The ‘Elniru’ wala by the toll booth…The small shops by the road selling wadas….

The pleasure of seeing sunsets like these….And not to mention the wonderful people and friends I made during my travels.

Yup, bikes rides are definitely worth it! More pillion rides it is!

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