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Kaas Plateau – Mecca for flower lovers

It was a rainy day, one after almost 3 days of continuous rain, when we started out towards Kaas from Kedige. The long road trip had well and truly begun as we wound through the Western Ghats from Madangeri on NH 17, as we took a short cut towards the Karwar/ Hubli road. Since the start was an early AM affair, we stopped by at Yellapur for a sumptuous breakfast which also served as a good strategy to avoid climbing up the ghats full stomach for some of the co passengers.

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Trekking the Waterfalls of Uttara Kannada

Mid July is perhaps the best time to visit the Western Ghats, especially if one likes rains. The emerald green sights wherever one turns is mesmerizing. Some of the VOF gang planned the next preparatory trek in this region.

The plan was to arrive in to Suragi/Kedige by car and then make it to as many waterfalls as we could manage in 2 days. And we did manage to squeeze in 4 different waterfalls and 3 beaches added to the mix. Continue Reading

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Around Odisha in 9 Days

Scenic, Serene, Sublime….

It was all of it and more. We have been planning to travel Odisha for a long time now. The last time around, the plans were truncated due to 26/11 and it took this long to get back at it.

Boy, are we glad….. The smiles on our faces are still intact, even after almost a week post return (one can argue its due to the overdose of selfies perhaps:))

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Sharavathi Valley View

Jeevanadalli Omme Nodu – Jogadgundi

Mungaaru Male 2 filming was just about done with, when we visited Jog, yet again. A chance visit enroute Kadle, this wasn’t a planned affair. We had heard how little it had rained in these parts – some estimates of 40% less rain, so were certain of what to expect in Jog this time. None the less, made the best of driving to Kadle via Shimoga and visited Jog.

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Ramatheertha – An Idyllic Picnic Spot

July is a tricky month – travel wise. At least in South India. It would invariably be raining heavily everywhere and many of the water spots – rivers, falls, beaches would be inaccessible for one reason or another, safety, cleanliness, leeches etc…

Ramatheertha – near Honnavar however is a idyllic spot when it rains for a 2/3 hour picnic. It needs rains to feed it’s two water streams (you will see why I am struggling to name them right when you see the picturesJ) but the road to reach it is motorable all year round, so access to Ramatheertha, amidst heaviest rains is assured, safe (except for the slippery stairs to get down to it) and clean. Continue Reading