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Andaman – Absolutely:)

It was one of those Bandh days in Bengaluru, over a game of Poker that the gang reminisced the trek to VoF, Uttarakhand and popped the question where next? After serious discussions over locations, the choice was narrowed to either Bhutan or Andaman (yes, contrasts of illustrious proportions) and the fact that Bhutan would be COLD during our time of visit as well as the last major travel was to another Himalayan destination, Andaman won with a thumping majority:)

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The Wrong Right Turn!

It was a late evening on a summer day in April, when my wife insisted we visit a near by beach location, other than our own. A very good suggestion indeed and I did jump at the idea of making that drive, in a brand new KUV 100 that was new in to the family.

So I set out with the Car and lo and behold, wife lugged in other family members to join us:) A good test for the marketing message of the vehicle. We did manage to get all 7 in to the vehicle and head out, south, towards a new location we had just heard of – Pavinkurve Hanging Bridge. Continue Reading