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Trekking To The Peaks of Kedarkanta

After the stupendous success of our last HAT (High Altitude Trek) to the Valley of Flowers and Hemkunt Sahib (in August 2016), we were looking at other options from IndiaHikes (yup, we are now convinced they offer the best experience, are priced right and are run professionally for treks in the Himalayas), preferably in the snowy season (safer half of the season:)). One of the guests to Suragi over the new year’s eve suggested Kedarakanta and the team nodded in unison, although not all of the previous ones joined and some new ones stepped in.

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A day in the lap of Mighty (Magical) Sahyadri

When my uncle insisted I must visit this place, I wasn’t so sure….. It would have been a great miss if I had not heeded to the elder:) one’s wisdom.

My BIL and I started from Kumta on this bright Tuesday AM towards Honnavar. We have driven before to Kodani (About 45 KM from Kedige), but wanted to take a much less travelled road, so made a turn a little after the one towards Idagunji on NH 17, at Manki, via Gudemakki….. It was indeed a great drive…. Asked around many nice people that we met on the way the direction from their village to Kodani and finally reached my Uncle’s place.

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Camping at Goregudda – A rewind to the good ol’ times…

“Bhete Bhete kya kare? Karna hai kuch kaam…. Shuru karo Antakshari leke Prabhu ka naam!”

This used to be a commonplace affair in my home neigh but a few years back… Power Cuts were occasions to begin a game of Antakshari, dumb charades or bus!

Impromptu arrivals of close relatives, gossip over a cup of ‘Chai’ and the clamour of kids misplacing things around the house was a usual affair.

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