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Dancing Peacock, Trumpeting Elephants and a Treehouse

The last time we traveled to one of the national parks for a photo tour was in 2012 when we got lucky to sight 3 tigers. Its been a while since we traveled to only a national park and decided to do so this animal sighting season – typically during summer. That’s enough for the wife to take over and complete the logistics – itinerary, bookings all finished in a jiffy.

We start off on a cloudy AM early May, up until which day, it was unbearably hot and we were pretty happy with it as that would mean more animal visits to the water holes. Alas that was not to be. More on that later.

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Around Odisha in 9 Days

Scenic, Serene, Sublime….

It was all of it and more. We have been planning to travel Odisha for a long time now. The last time around, the plans were truncated due to 26/11 and it took this long to get back at it.

Boy, are we glad….. The smiles on our faces are still intact, even after almost a week post return (one can argue its due to the overdose of selfies perhaps:))

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Sakleshpur – Its got something for everyone in the family

We knew about it months ago and decided to make the best of it. My cousin was to get engaged at Hassan and it was a perfect alibi to visit the nearby Sakleshpur, which we have been planning to for quite a while, but just couldn’t with family and all at Hassan and nearby places.

We decided to leave a couple of days earlier as the event was on a Sunday, get in to one of the many home stays in there and explore the area.

As usual, the better half does the rest – books the stay and some of the other members of the family get to know about the plan and decide to join in. Continue Reading