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A Green New Year’s Eve (only!) in Uttara Kannada

When the gang asked us if we can make a new year’s eve memorable at Uttara Kannada, it was a challenge of sorts for us. Not withstanding how new year’s eve party’s are held in the city:( how would one make such a thing memorable in a eco location like Uttara Kannada, in a eco friendly fashion by a eco tourism firm, for the CITY crowd.

A challenge indeed:)

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Andaman – Absolutely:)

It was one of those Bandh days in Bengaluru, over a game of Poker that the gang reminisced the trek to VoF, Uttarakhand and popped the question where next? After serious discussions over locations, the choice was narrowed to either Bhutan or Andaman (yes, contrasts of illustrious proportions) and the fact that Bhutan would be COLD during our time of visit as well as the last major travel was to another Himalayan destination, Andaman won with a thumping majority:)

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Kaas Plateau – Mecca for flower lovers

It was a rainy day, one after almost 3 days of continuous rain, when we started out towards Kaas from Kedige. The long road trip had well and truly begun as we wound through the Western Ghats from Madangeri on NH 17, as we took a short cut towards the Karwar/ Hubli road. Since the start was an early AM affair, we stopped by at Yellapur for a sumptuous breakfast which also served as a good strategy to avoid climbing up the ghats full stomach for some of the co passengers.

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A Trek Through Devinity

The excitement was palpable. Whatsapp group messages buzzing with last minute packing tips, running in and out to get the last set of items on the list, door bells ringing with e-commerce delivery folks and more….. Chaotic:) The past couple of nights have been with little sleep too, partly due to the sheer amount of preparations needed (procrastinated in to the last few hours:)) as well as in anticipation of a trip that’s taken years in planning and a few months in preparations.

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Trekking the Waterfalls of Uttara Kannada

Mid July is perhaps the best time to visit the Western Ghats, especially if one likes rains. The emerald green sights wherever one turns is mesmerizing. Some of the VOF gang planned the next preparatory trek in this region.

The plan was to arrive in to Suragi/Kedige by car and then make it to as many waterfalls as we could manage in 2 days. And we did manage to squeeze in 4 different waterfalls and 3 beaches added to the mix. Continue Reading