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Andaman – Absolutely:)

It was one of those Bandh days in Bengaluru, over a game of Poker that the gang reminisced the trek to VoF, Uttarakhand and popped the question where next? After serious discussions over locations, the choice was narrowed to either Bhutan or Andaman (yes, contrasts of illustrious proportions) and the fact that Bhutan would be COLD during our time of visit as well as the last major travel was to another Himalayan destination, Andaman won with a thumping majority:)

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Sunrise on Aghanashini – In a Houseboat

We have been here several times before for watching the sunrise, from up the high viewpoint and later by the river, but this one was special. It was on a house boat (yes, ones similar to those from Kerala – in fact this one is built in Kerala:)) and boy was it spectacular?

The sunrise during this time of the year (post Shankranthi, pre summer time) is really beautiful. Earth begins to move towards the sun making the days longer and the sun rise earlier and the process spectacular to say the least. Continue Reading

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To Gokarna – By Boat

As Chef Gustau (from the movie Ratatouille) would say ‘any one can cook’ – an idea for an ideal escape can likewise come from ‘anyone’. When the care taker at Suragi, Raju insisted we get to Gokarna by boat, instead of road, we had no idea it would be THIS fun.

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