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A Green New Year’s Eve (only!) in Uttara Kannada

When the gang asked us if we can make a new year’s eve memorable at Uttara Kannada, it was a challenge of sorts for us. Not withstanding how new year’s eve party’s are held in the city:( how would one make such a thing memorable in a eco location like Uttara Kannada, in a eco friendly fashion by a eco tourism firm, for the CITY crowd.

A challenge indeed:)

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Sunrise on Aghanashini – In a Houseboat

We have been here several times before for watching the sunrise, from up the high viewpoint and later by the river, but this one was special. It was on a house boat (yes, ones similar to those from Kerala – in fact this one is built in Kerala:)) and boy was it spectacular?

The sunrise during this time of the year (post Shankranthi, pre summer time) is really beautiful. Earth begins to move towards the sun making the days longer and the sun rise earlier and the process spectacular to say the least. Continue Reading

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Be One With Nature

I could not wait to get done with my exams and head out. As you could relate, exams are perhaps the most stressful time for any student, I am no different. I therefore jumped at the idea of making good our previous plan (of riding up to the fort) the very next day we finished our university exams.

If Interpreting Zen on 2 wheels was the title of my previous post, “Be One With Nature” could well be the title for this post – you will see why as we go along. As you would recall, our objective last time was to bicycle up to Mirjaan fort and back in which we failed – thus resorting to interpreting Zen:). We were much more determined, better equipped and chose a better time to make it all the way up to Mirjan Fort and back, this time however.

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To Gokarna – By Boat

As Chef Gustau (from the movie Ratatouille) would say ‘any one can cook’ – an idea for an ideal escape can likewise come from ‘anyone’. When the care taker at Suragi, Raju insisted we get to Gokarna by boat, instead of road, we had no idea it would be THIS fun.

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Ramatheertha – An Idyllic Picnic Spot

July is a tricky month – travel wise. At least in South India. It would invariably be raining heavily everywhere and many of the water spots – rivers, falls, beaches would be inaccessible for one reason or another, safety, cleanliness, leeches etc…

Ramatheertha – near Honnavar however is a idyllic spot when it rains for a 2/3 hour picnic. It needs rains to feed it’s two water streams (you will see why I am struggling to name them right when you see the picturesJ) but the road to reach it is motorable all year round, so access to Ramatheertha, amidst heaviest rains is assured, safe (except for the slippery stairs to get down to it) and clean. Continue Reading