About Us

Here I am, this is me, there’s nowhere else on earth I’d rather be!….. That’s how I feel every time I visit my second home – Kadle, Uttara Kannada.

You will too – once you experience the raw power of nature in these, some of the greenest, parts of Karnataka.

Uttara Kannada is a treasure trove of travel experiences whatever ones interests might be.

If you are historically inclined, locations such as Banavasi, Keladi and many more beckon you. If you seek blessings of the almighty, Gokarna to Idagunji and many more in between are must visit destinations.

You want to explore arts, Kumta town itself and Gundbala and others near by present ample opportunities to marvel at the skills and artistry of the wood working artisans and yakshagana artistes, that tirelessly perform epic saga’s through the night.

Beaches of Uttara Kannada are some of the best in India. The Arabian sea and the state of Karnataka meet forming a coast line of over 300 KM’s more than half of which is in Uttara Kannada. From Karwar to Murudeshwar and beyond, the scenic beauty of the beaches, sun sets and the surroundings is breathtaking and to be experienced in the raw.

Wildlife, waterfalls, thick jungles, rivers, valleys, rare species of birds, frogs, mammals are all endemic to the other side of Uttara Kannada, that meets the bio diversity hot spot and a world heritage site of the ancient, Western Ghats (older than Himalaya’s if you did not know)

As an adventure destination too, Uttara Kannada presents great trails. Be it for trekking, bicycling, motorbike rides, 4X4 trails, kayaking and more – there’s an App(ropriate) place for that too!

If you are a shutter bug too, Uttara Kannada and the adjoining areas offer some of the best places, events and locations for stunning pictures, the experience of making which, you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Adjoining districts of Shimoga, Chikmagalur and Dakshina Kannada as well as the adjoining state of Goa make Uttara Kannada the ideal home base for week long (or longer if one prefers) back packing and other forms explorations.

The effort here at Emerald Escapes is to introduce the eco friendly, immersive experience oriented travellers, to such wonders of Uttara Kannada from their hiking shoes, saddle tops, motor bike seats, bucket seats, kayaks, body boards and more, in the raw – by facilitating a well informed, meticulously planned, comfortable and exciting journey through our very own UK….. We constantly strive towards providing rich and new experiences and therefore our escapes vary over time. We can always offer a past escapes should there be interest/ relevant to a particular group.

We make these escapes available to both individual groups (of atleast 6) to corporate teams of upto 15 individuals. Team building and other corporate specific programs are available on corporate team engagements only, while fun activities are offered to all :)

So pack those rucksacks, get in to those hiking boots, and come join us to escape in to the blue seas, green woods and the breathtaking mountains… Break Freee…………..”

We are a bunch of nature and travel enthusiasts many of whom have served in varying capacities in the competitive corporate world in our previous avatars. Having paid our dues for over 2 decades, we have decided to spend the golden decade of our lives in pursuit of the simple pleasures of life – through travel, photography and immersive experiences in northwest Karnataka – the region of Uttara Kannada.

Our Basecamp! for UK is Kadle, Kumta from where we launch in to the vast Arabian Sea beach destinations, bio diversity hot spots on the Western Ghats, multiple water falls, many a scenic spot, places of historic, mythological and architectural significance, places of traditional art forms and sporting events and many more across neighboring districts too………