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October 2015


Sakleshpur – Its got something for everyone in the family

We knew about it months ago and decided to make the best of it. My cousin was to get engaged at Hassan and it was a perfect alibi to visit the nearby Sakleshpur, which we have been planning to for quite a while, but just couldn’t with family and all at Hassan and nearby places.

We decided to leave a couple of days earlier as the event was on a Sunday, get in to one of the many home stays in there and explore the area.

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To Gokarna – By Boat

As Chef Gustau (from the movie Ratatouille) would say ‘any one can cook’ – an idea for an ideal escape can likewise come from ‘anyone’. When the care taker at Suragi, Raju insisted we get to Gokarna by boat, instead of road, we had no idea it would be THIS fun.

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Bicycle Rides

Interpreting Zen on 2 Wheels

It was an unusually warm, bright October AM when we thought of our Bicycling Escape…. A rather elongated set of preparations later (breakfast, getting the bicycles ready et al) we set off to reach Mirjaan Fort via Hegde where one could hop on to a boat for a short ride across the banks of Aghanashini and ride on NH 17 to the fort. As one would often have it in life, the unusually hot October day and our delayed start ensured, we stopped well short of this goal:(

None that disappointing however. Actually, we accidentally discovered a destination for a short break, amidst busy tourist schedules:) A 2 hour bicycling escape would be a welcome break amidst sight seeing:)

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A day in the lap of Mighty (Magical) Sahyadri

When my uncle insisted I must visit this place, I wasn’t so sure….. It would have been a great miss if I had not heeded to the elder:) one’s wisdom.

My BIL and I started from Kumta on this bright Tuesday AM towards Honnavar. We have driven before to Kodani (About 45 KM from Kedige), but wanted to take a much less travelled road, so made a turn a little after the one towards Idagunji on NH 17, at Manki, via Gudemakki….. It was indeed a great drive…. Asked around many nice people that we met on the way the direction from their village to Kodani and finally reached my Uncle’s place.

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