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July 2015


Ramatheertha – An Idyllic Picnic Spot

July is a tricky month – travel wise. At least in South India. It would invariably be raining heavily everywhere and many of the water spots – rivers, falls, beaches would be inaccessible for one reason or another, safety, cleanliness, leeches etc…

Ramatheertha – near Honnavar however is a idyllic spot when it rains for a 2/3 hour picnic. It needs rains to feed it’s two water streams (you will see why I am struggling to name them right when you see the picturesJ) but the road to reach it is motorable all year round, so access to Ramatheertha, amidst heaviest rains is assured, safe (except for the slippery stairs to get down to it) and clean. Continue Reading