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May 2015


Kayaking Escape

It was a sunny Friday morning, the kind you wake up to, seeking a dash of adventure and fun. It was the day after the wedding which the family had gathered to attend. Since it is one of those rare moments when we cousins were all available, we decided to do something fun. We were wondering what to do, when someone pinged the folks at Emeraldescapes, and just like that, we had a plan!

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What a Ride it was…

Indeed one of the best over the last 15 months that I have had my beloved HD Superlow. Plenty educational too……

A combination of health, family constraints and other commitments had mellowed me down on the ride front over the past 3 months and it was indeed a great sense of freedom that I experienced on the road on this trip.

A sunlit saturday of an otherwise rainy summer week in Bangalore! In May!! My better half and her bitter half :) started off on our road trip on two wheels to one of our all time favorite destinations – a small, quiet place by the banks of river Kaveri – Mathigod. It’s equidistant (almost) between Mysore and Hassan and is in Arkalgud Taluk of Hassan District. Continue Reading