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April 2015


Fun with RC Truck at the beach

RC Motoring FunI have learnt driving, ride my own bike and to stunt bicycle, but this was a very different experience – completely.

When my uncle tossed at me a RC controlled monster truck, I did not know what to expect, even told him its for the kids, but I was wrong. Got the basics mastered at my yard, amidst a garden, which offered both well concreted surfaces and some rough, muddy surfaces, but I enjoyed it thoroughly at the beach – a unique experience much to the amusement of the fellow beach bums :) as you could see….
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Bodyboarding Escape

One lazy late afternoon, with all my friends gone, I was ambling alone by the beautiful Kadle beach when I bumped in to the folks from EEE practicing bodyboarding.

I had heard of this sport, often confused with Surfing. It seemed relatively easy to do, so I asked if I could try. The folks at EEE were gracious enough to let me try it. Continue Reading