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March 2015


Camping at Goregudda – A rewind to the good ol’ times…

“Bhete Bhete kya kare? Karna hai kuch kaam…. Shuru karo Antakshari leke Prabhu ka naam!”

This used to be a commonplace affair in my home neigh but a few years back… Power Cuts were occasions to begin a game of Antakshari, dumb charades or bus!

Impromptu arrivals of close relatives, gossip over a cup of ‘Chai’ and the clamour of kids misplacing things around the house was a usual affair.

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The Pillion’s Diary

Yes, we have all heard it, haven’t we?

How great the ride was…. How one feels “One with the road”….. How riding a bike on a well tarred road in the cool wind is one of the best experiences one can have….

But, hey! What about the poor souls who haven’t mastered the art of balancing these heavy, noisy but impressive pieces of machinery?

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