Off-roading – WOW

It has taken well over a month and a half in research, planning and execution (Phase 1 done and 2 and 3 to go still) and getting my new Thar for off-roading was in itself a learning experience, let alone the art of off-roading, which has well and truly begun with this outing. Continue Reading


Trekking To The Peaks of Kedarkanta

After the stupendous success of our last HAT (High Altitude Trek) to the Valley of Flowers and Hemkunt Sahib (in August 2016), we were looking at other options from IndiaHikes (yup, we are now convinced they offer the best experience, are priced right and are run professionally for treks in the Himalayas), preferably in the snowy season (safer half of the season:)). One of the guests to Suragi over the new year’s eve suggested Kedarakanta and the team nodded in unison, although not all of the previous ones joined and some new ones stepped in.

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Climbing ThadiyandaMolu

It was on the To Do list for the year on one of our friends and when they asked us if we would join in, we gladly jumped in. As the days of the ascent neared a 4X4 that we had booked arrived earlier than expected, making this trip a perfect combination of a 4X4 drive and a trek up the hills:) Continue Reading

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A Green New Year’s Eve (only!) in Uttara Kannada

When the gang asked us if we can make a new year’s eve memorable at Uttara Kannada, it was a challenge of sorts for us. Not withstanding how new year’s eve party’s are held in the city:( how would one make such a thing memorable in a eco location like Uttara Kannada, in a eco friendly fashion by a eco tourism firm, for the CITY crowd.

A challenge indeed:)

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